How our Lighting Design Process works

The process begins with your enquiry. You can contact us using this contact form, and we’ll then be in touch to ask you for more information about your project, including drawings or photos of the space you want to light.

Initial discussion

We then kick off with a conversation. We’ll either arrange a phone call or visit to discuss your aims for the project. The topics we will discuss with you include:

  • Your lighting requirements:
    • Aesthetic effects (e.g. mood, focus points, features to highlight or hide, etc.)
    • Function (e.g. visibility, security, productivity, etc.)
    • Control options (e.g. dimmer switches, occupancy sensors, or intelligent lighting systems)
  • Characteristics of the space that requires lighting (e.g. features, layout, furniture and finishes)
  • Energy efficiency
  • If there are any restrictions? (e.g.  listed/conservation status, architecture)

If you are lighting a commercial property, we will also ask you about what business goals you want the lighting to support.

Project Proposal

Taking the information you have given us, we then get to work putting together your free project proposal, which details the work involved and the costs.

Stage One: Concept Design

Once you have approved the project proposal, the concept design stage begins. After obtaining a full brief, we consider the various lighting techniques that would work to your requirements. So that you know what your lighting will look like, we’ll create a set of mood images to go with the conceptual designs, both of which we will present to you and your team.

Stage Two: Detailed Design

After you give us your feedback, we’re ready to start the detailed design. We’ll prepare and finalise the:

  • final lighting layouts for all areas
  • final dimming/switching group drawings
  • notes and schematics related to specific installation requirements for specialist luminaires
  • wiring schematic for scene-setting lighting control system
  • load schedule, circuit by circuit
  • luminaire schedules
  • control requirements with costs for the supply of equipment

We will also identify the locations, type and position of wall-mounted lighting controls.

If you would like to discuss your lighting requirements with us, please get in touch to see how we can help.