Project reference J894
Location: Birmingham, UK
Project competed 2018

First established in 1991, this conference centre based in the heart of Birmingham hosts around 400 events per year, attracting over 350,000 visitors.

Having worked previously with the organisation on a variety of lighting projects, they asked us to provide a lighting performance specification for their conference suites which were undergoing refurbishment.

Due to the variety of functions within the conference rooms from exams, lectures and exhibitions to fashion shows, dinners, and of course conferences, they wanted to invest in a first-class specification which would provide versatility for their clients and enable the rooms to be suitable for a variety of uses.

With this in mind, tuneable white LED luminaires were used in these areas to provide lighting at variable colour temperatures to suit the needs of the use of the space, for example, 4000K (cool white) for a conference and 2700K (warm white) for a softer feel for a presentation or dinner.

We used remote controlled narrow beam spotlights to provide pinspotting to tables for dinners or exhibits, which can have preset positions for standard table layouts, or the client can choose to override them for event-specific positioning.

To allow the client to tailor the room to a specific colour scheme or branding for an event, we used colour changing luminaires to provide colour accents within the walls and ceiling.

Colour changing luminaires providing colour accents within the walls and ceiling allow the client to tailor the room to a specific colour scheme or branding for an event, and we fitted a permanent installation of LED theatrical luminaires to illuminate conference stages and sets.

To facilitate control of the above elements, we specified a comprehensive lighting control system, which is controlled from a custom-designed touch screen with fixed and client recordable presets.

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