Project reference: J924
Location: Birmingham, UK
Project completed: 2019

Located in Birmingham, this 40-year-old event venue hosts over 500 events per year, attracting over 2.4 million guests. They have 18 exhibition halls, 32 conference suites and outdoor spaces, and cater for a diversity of events of all sizes.

Prior to this project, we had designed, supplied and programmed various internal lighting control systems for the client. They then developed their venue further, which included colour changing LED façade lighting incorporated into tensile fabric panels.

The client approached us to find out if there was sufficient spare capacity on their current lighting control system that we had previously supplied to run this additional feature. We added this feature on to an existing lighting control system which minimized the client’s costs.

The venue’s Building Management System (BMS) can trigger various pre-programmed lighting sequences, which is crucial as they have several brands, each with a separate colour scheme. The BMS triggers these at the appropriate times.

In addition to the manual and BMS control of the system, the client requested a sound-to-light input to synchronise the lighting-to-audio input from a live event or recording.  They also required a DMX input so that a third party lighting desk controlling an external festival stage can take control of this lighting element to suit the specific event requirements.

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