As a full-service lighting solutions company, we work on a wide variety of unique projects and find ourselves working with a broad range of clients, including:

Homeowners & Property Developers

Are you building, refurbishing or extending a property? Do you require help with lighting design and control? Or maybe you recently purchased a property with an existing system and need training, upgrades or servicing for the current lighting control system. Whatever your lighting needs, we can help.

Architects, Engineers & Interiors Designers

Do you need comprehensive lighting solutions? Having separate manufacturers just doing “their bit” can often make a project feel a bit piecemeal. We can work with you to ensure all components of the specified project work together.

Venue Operators

Are you planning a refurbishment or extension for your venue? Or maybe your existing system needs tweaking or maintenance to achieve your current requirements? Whether you have a hotel, restaurant, theatre, cinema, conference or exhibition space, we can assist you with the lighting and lighting control.

Electrical Contractors & Design and Build Contractors

Do you need a reliable provider who can help in designing, supplying or maintaining the lighting package? Or perhaps you need extra support to deliver a solution specified by others? We can help.

To talk to our experienced team about your lighting project, please contact us today.