Not sure whether you should hire a lighting designer for your renovation or build? Whether you are looking to light a home or business, the right lighting will transform your space.

What is lighting design?

Lighting design is the process of lighting a space, whether it’s a room, building, outdoor area, or a single object.

How you light a room, area, or building and what equipment you use not only impacts visibility; it can also set the mood, make spaces appear bigger or smaller, draw focus to an object or feature and much more.

What does a lighting designer do?

A lighting designer combines creativity with technical know-how to create lighting schemes that suit the purpose and aesthetics of a space. They also consider the ideal mood you want to create, whether that is cosy and comfortable, bright and practical, or exciting and inspiring.

There are many creative options to consider when it comes to lighting, including wall lights, floor lights, decorative lights, concealed lighting and gentle wash lighting. We work together with you, your architect, interior designer or electrical contractor to create lighting that works well with your space and design.

Lighting your home

If you are building, refurbishing or extending a property, a lighting designer can help you add the final layer to your home design. A build or refurbishment usually requires new wiring or stripping the house back for rewiring – this is the perfect time to bring in a lighting designer. 

Lighting your business

Lighting can affect the mood of your customers, purchase behaviours, security, and productivity, among other factors. Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, bar, or exhibition space, we will suggest lighting options that work well for the goals of your business. For example, setting a comfortable atmosphere for diners or highlighting objects of interest in an exhibition space.

Why work with a lighting designer?

A lighting designer can help you to make the most of your space with lighting that is both practical and decorative. We will give you suggestions on how you can make the most of an area, whether that is illuminating interesting artwork, highlighting architectural detailing or down lighting to light up workspaces.

Lighting technologies are continually evolving, and the lighting you use can affect other areas, such as the lighting control options to use and cabling architecture. It’s a technical area, which can leave people feeling confused.

Our lighting designers have in-depth technical knowledge of the products available, how they will work in different spaces, and what lighting control systems will work best with them. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you and your team to create beautiful lighting schemes that make the most of the spaces you want to light.

At what stage in a project should you hire a lighting designer?

The best time to bring in a lighting designer is early on in the project.  By being involved early on, we can plan where your lighting will go, what cables and products to use, and draw this into the lighting layout. That way, everything can happen in one go.

How to hire us

For an initial chat about your project, you can give us a call on +44 (0) 1926 258029, or complete this form. We will then be in touch to discuss your lighting requirements.

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